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Do I Have a Case?

When Should I Call a Lawyer?
With the proliferation of many self-help books and websites that offer legal advice inexpensively, the temptation is to try and handle legal matters by yourself.  But, when should you call a lawyer for help?  Here are some guidelines for when to seek professional legal counsel.

When The Loss or Potential Loss is over $7500
Small Claims Courts were set up to hear matters where the money damages are $7500 or less.  Attorneys are not allowed to work in Small Claims Courts.  Only the actual parties may appear. 
However, if the claim or loss is over $7500 it is a good idea to consult with an attorney.  If you are the plaintiff an attorney may find that the loss or claim is worth much more than the $7500.  If you are a defendant an attorney may be able to prevent the claim from growing larger. 

When The Matter Involves Technical or Special Knowledge
The law is complex.  It involves statutes and codes, case decisions, and court requirements and protocols. It also involves experience in researching and knowing about these complexities.  The “winning” argument must be crafted with great skill and legal knowledge.  The lay person generally has little to no background on how to find the important information or have the legal skills that may be crucial to a case.
Attorneys who specialize in particular areas of the law have a much greater advantage in knowing what to do and what to say.  The expertise of an attorney in a technical or special knowledge situation may be the difference between winning and losing a case and between spending a little or a lot of money to resolve it.

When the Other Party Has An Attorney
The David vs. Goliath story only plays well in the Bible.  In court the “Goliath” attorney vs. a “pro-per” (a person representing him or herself) is likely not to end up favorably to the self-representing party.  If the opposing party has contracted with counsel you would be wise to find your own representation as well to even the contest.

An attorney with The Law Office of Sterling Scott Winchell would be happy to provide you with either a free phone or in-person initial consultation about your matter. The consultation will assist you in determining your options.  Please call us at (949) 387-9191.